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Civil Partnership Or Pink Triangle?

The scene: A suburban dinner party. “Oh Chlamydia darrrrling, Haven’t seen you for ages. Mwah mwah (etc. etc.) and how is young Tarquin these days?” “Oh, he’s just got engaged.” “Oh wow when’s the happy day?” “Well his civil partnership … Continue reading

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Not Often I Completely Agree With Richard Dawkins. Make The Best Of It. Also check out the statements attributed to “Julian” regarding the Garden of Eden in the “Comments” section here. I have always been aware of the incredible difference between the war -mongering, bloodthirsty deity of the OT and the NT … Continue reading

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Memorable Quote

“I hate the term “homophobia”. These people aren’t scared of anything, they’re just a bunch of assholes.” -Alyssa Rodemeyer What more could I possibly add?

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