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“The Wild Duck” by John Masefield

“Twilight. Red in the west. Dimness. A glow in the wood. The teams plod home to rest. The wild duck comes to glean. O souls not understood, What a wild cry in the pool; What things have the farm ducks … Continue reading

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There Are Times When You Can’t Help Feeling Proud Of The Old Bird Amusingly, it was a member of the Dawkins fraternity that originally posted this link to Facebook. He even spoke in glowing terms about it. But what do they really want? The word “irony” has yet to find a … Continue reading

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A doctor is sitting in his surgery. There is a knock at the door. Doctor: Come in, come in. A man enters timidly. Doctor: Now now, sit down. That’s it. And you are? Man: Eric, Eric Van Beethoven. Doctor: And … Continue reading

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