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Snappy One Liners

Interfaith eucharist- “shared blasphemy”? Or the collective surrendering of the human ego to the ultimate transcendency of the divine? An agnostic is probably far closer to the divine than the believer because they have never ceased to search, look and … Continue reading

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Antonio Rosmini on the failure of materialism to satisfy individual needs.

Recent events have made me think of Rosmini and what he held to be the evils inherent in a purely materialist view of the world. This comes from an e-mail summary sent to friends when I was reading through his … Continue reading

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Last of the Summer Winos (c1993)

Ann: And now on Radio 4, it’s time to rejoin our three lovable Yorkshire rogues, Shloggy, Compost and Smeg for some more light hearted northern fun in “Last of the Summer Winos.” We join them on top of a grassy … Continue reading

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