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When Even The Hardiest Misanthrope Has To Admit Defeat There are times when, even amongst the darkness of the follies and idiocies of mankind, a candle can be found quietly burning which warms the heart. This article is one such. I recall the 1980’s in Guildford when Evangelicalism … Continue reading

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William Cobbett on the House of Commons.

“The “gentlemen opposite” are opposite only as to mere local position. They sit on the opposite side of the house: that’s all. In every other respect they are like parson and clerk; or perhaps more like the rooks and jackdaws; … Continue reading

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Random Memories

Standing on the wall at the bottom of the Liskey Hill Caravan Park in Perranporth as a child and looking out over the bay with a sense of awe. Returning to the same view some 30 years later and trying … Continue reading

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William Cobbett on Methodism

Shortly after writing the last entry detailing my estrangement from the Evangelical wing, I happened upon the following passage in Cobbett’s “Rural Rides” which seemed very apposite: “This evening I have been to the Methodist Meeting-house. I was attracted, all … Continue reading

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“The Conversion Game” c.1983 (Unperformed Crusaders sketch- for reasons that will become clear)

A bouncy quiz-master bounces inĀ from the left and bounces away in front of the audience. Behind him are a couple of chairs put side to side facing the audience. Further along are five chairs facing across the stage. B.Q: Hello, … Continue reading

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