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Election Reporting At Its Best

The following actually happened on Channel four news: Ann: In order to find out how people on the ground felt about Ed Miliband’s defeat, we went down to the Hendon Bagel Emporium where a number of his fellow Jews were … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day

“As the lights in a penitentiary grow dim when the current is switched on for the electric chair, so we quiver in our hearts at a suicide, for there is no human life self-taken for which all society is not … Continue reading

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From John Evelyn’s Diary

” August 1st 1672: I was at the marriage of Lord Arlington’s onely daughter (a swete child if ever there was any) to the Duke of Grafton, the King’s natural son by the Dutchesse of Cleaveland. The Archbishop of Canterbury … Continue reading

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Intimations Of Mortality

Thursday marks the 3rd anniversary of the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer. I shall be observing my usual 24 hour online silence vigil in remembrance. Three weeks ago we lost my grandmother to cancer. It was quite a shock. She had … Continue reading

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“World Cup Frenzy” (2002)

(Excerpted from a longer script) C.H: That’s really funky, but now for some really exciting football news it’s off live to Japan to see how England are faring up in the run up to their world cup victory over some … Continue reading

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Zachary Macaulay – A Case For Biography?

I have long been a “fan” (if that’s the proper word) of the ideas of Lord Macaulay. His speeches to Parliament on the Indian question, and other topics generally, I consider to be fine specimens of political thinking. I was … Continue reading

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Where The Western Faiths Have Got It Wrong…

It is not “sin” that prevents direct communion with the divine, merely ego. That is the only real barrier. What is more, it does not require a talking snake in a magical garden to demonstrate this simple fact. It is … Continue reading

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