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Before I Fell Out With Uncyclopedia…… My most substantial contribution to this website. Aside from the last few paragraphs. I added a substantial amount of material to the article “Endangered Species” on here which took the form of a free for all “World Wildlife Fund” … Continue reading

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“More Bonuses, Vicar?” “Thank You, That Would Be Simply Scrumptious.” So the old bird has done it. The good old Church of England has formally declared its own redundancy. A former Oil Executive who “found Christ” at university and who then went on to amass a nice little secular … Continue reading

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“Fancy Free” (1911) by Stanley Houghton Described after its premiere by the “Manchester Guardian” as being “a rather cold , dry, impersonal representation of two men and two women morally not far removed from a state of canine promiscuity”, this one act farce was to … Continue reading

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Mr Ovens By Stanley Houghton I have recentlybeen reading through the plays of the Manchester based Edwardian playwright Stanley Houghton. Best known for his play “Hindle Wakes” his often uncompromising views on morality made him controversial. Much of his work is based on generational … Continue reading

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Good News

I was delighted to learn that Alyssa Rodemeyer (sister of Jamey) and her long time girlfriend have got engaged. Since I learned of her brother’s story I have been keeping a benevolent eye on her via her Tumblr account and … Continue reading

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