Sodomy In The UK

Well, the gay marriage issue has been and gone here. The world has continued to spin. There have been no earthquakes to speak of, no classic signs of the wrath of the almighty that made itself so clearly palpable to the architects of Buchenwald et al. You missed that? Funnily enough, so did I.

For me I welcomed it with open arms, though I, myself, am far too old for such things now. The only thing I tend to attract these days is flies . Flies and Vultures.

I realize it won’t change anything much. Kids will still be beaten up, same sex couples will still be attacked verbally in the streets , churches will still wave boxes of condoms around whilst ranting about unnatural sex etc etc.

I just hope that the legal under girding will offer any gay kid born from this moment onwards a better light to navigate by. Something to aim for , the same rite of passage as their heterosexual peers.

But I also shed some tears, not least for Jamey Rodemeyer the brave little soldier who never lived to see this day. It is amazing how far the world has come in the nearly three years he’s been gone now. The number of US states who now recognized it has doubled since he posted his videos and stated his case so movingly. Part of me wishes he was here to see it all. But another part of me wonders how much his death has impacted on the decisions in favor. Would the same thing have happened were he not to have died the way he did? I’m not sure it would have done.

But I am glad to report that, despite the threats of hellfire and damnation descending upon the country as a result of our decision, a beautiful full moon hangs silent and still on the far distant horizon, just above the trees. Which is how it should be.

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A Hearty Toast To Scott Lively For Showing Us Who The Nazis Really Are.

I very much doubt many of you outside the gay world would know the name Scott Lively. He’s a born again smack head evangelist (or Jesus on a stick waving multi-millionaire businessman) who would have us all believe that gay people were responsible for the Nazi Holocaust.

As a leap of logic, that takes some doing, especially when you read up on what German Evangelicals were saying about Kristallnacht. As a matter of fact, these ideas might just as well have told him by some purple swan on one of his drug laden trips, in terms of pure reality.

However Lively has been keeping the crowds in South African countries like Uganda entertained by spreading as holy truth that all gay people are rampantly promiscuous disease carrying child rapists who god wants exterminated. This has proven such a hit there that they have allowed him to come up with christian laws to regulate it. Laws such as the threat of life time prison sentences for known gays and people who know gay people yet do not report them to the authorities. This was originally going to be a death penalty until somebody read up on the Warsaw Ghetto and realized the same laws applied there. (Death penalty for any Jews trying to escape the ghetto, death penalty for any Pole who “helped Jews in any way: by taking them in for the night, or giving them lifts in any vehicles” passed in 1941 by Governor Hans Frank). Such a close resemblance to a regime the world now condemns would after all be bad publicity were it to become generally known.

Needless to say, the Christian populations of Uganda and Nigeria took this holy sublime holy teaching to heart and both Protestant and Catholic hierarchies signed the bill into law. And great was the rejoicing thereof.

Even the Muslims have taken a stand, setting up sharia courts to try and execute any sodomite caught practicing. Not quite so bothered with their own home issues of child marriage, celebrations of Muslim Ashura festivals involving the slicing of children’s heads with cut throat razors, nor even with the vile practice of Bacha Bazi ( wealthy Muslim men getting underage boys dressed as girls to dance for them before taking them off for sex), these holy ones would rather be stringing up two people of the same age involved in a loving partnership and inflicting harm on nobody. That’s what their god tells them and that’s how its gonna be.

There is a certain delicious irony involved here, major religions coming together to round up and slaughter minorities instead of each other. Particularly when it comes to committing a major act of cultural suicide on such a level. I mean who, after this, is going to take the claims of some grinning parson or beardy Imam seriously when they talk of divine love and how they mean no harm by their actions.

So thank you Scott “Smackhead” Lively. You have single handedly shot your own particular brand of religion through the heart and are helping your Muslim brethren give humanity further cause for dismissing them as lunatic savages. Why preach that gay people are out to destroy religion when you are doing a perfectly good job of it yourself?

Just one thing bothers me though, smackhead. You seem to be very quiet over the fact that the bible spends more time condoning slavery than it does condemning homosexuality. Surely a man of your sublime holiness is aware that the abolition of slavery has no place in the Bible. Surely the holy spirit must have informed you that the biblical position is that it’s ok if regulated properly (i.e. by Exodus 21). Your fellow Evangelical, George Whitefield, campaigned successfully in post abolition Georgia for its restitution waving Jesus on a stick around after all.

Surely you are not afraid to preach the WHOLE Gospel now are you? I’m sure the people of Uganda and Nigeria will welcome you with open arms when you tell them the full TRUTH of scripture.

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Note To Self

Bear in mind that “Conservative Evangelicalism” is nothing to do with Christianity. It is a group of people enthusing about Conservative/Platonist values.

It is why where Christ and St Paul both hold marriage to be a purely secular thing which should be forsaken for the sake of divine service, these people have made a secular fetish out of it for its own sake.

They, therefore, deny the very basis of the gospel of anti materialism they claim to preach.

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William Cowper On Polygamy (1780)

Impromptu On Reading The Chapter On Polygamy In Mr Madan’s “Thelyphtora”

“If John marries Mary, and Mary alone,
T’is a very good match between Mary and John.
Should John wed a score, oh the claws and the scratches!
It can’t be a match- T’is a bundle of matches.”

There really is nothing new under the sun. Shall have to track down a copy of the essay and see what arguments Mr Madan actually made. This is one of quite a few responses Cowper made to the essay which he came to know about via his friendship with former slave trader turned priest John Newton.

One of the disturbing trends I have noticed in the current excitement over the issue in the U.S. is the number of people trying to put it on the same ethical level as gay marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth and it will not do the gay marriage cause any favors by being seen as a stepping stone towards it.

There is a libertarian principle here, no doubt, about the state’s right to interfere in matters of personal relationships which kind of obscures the real reason same sex partners want to get together: they actually love each other. Politics be hung, this is not a theoretically derived position here.

Polygamy must needs involve a power imbalance, unless everybody involved has the same number of wives/husbands and are able to keep jealousy at bay of course. In which case you would probably need a village to cater for everybody’s various liasons.

I have never really been a free love kind of soul and the people who have been (like Bertrand Russell, for example) seem to have been rather heartless and unsympathetic characters anyway. I recall reading about Edward Carpenter and George Merrill’s relationship being put under strain by their own attempts to put the ideal into practice. People do get hurt by such things. Besides, in a post AIDS society, this kind of sexual behavior seems inexcusably risky.

Although I do look forward to how the holy ones will respond to the obvious pointer that polygamy is wholly sanctioned by the bible, I also have to point out that slavery also enjoys the same kind of positive sanction biblically. Not everything the Bible states to be good and holy should be taken as such. It is now considered bad manners, for example, to slaughter whole towns if one person there does not worship your God, despite what the lord commands. Though I do realize that such a fall from grace is hard for some Christians to take on board, I think society, as a whole, has been seen to benefit from it.

My thoughts then: Gay marriage yes. Polygamy no.

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Ahhh!! We’ve Been Here Before Then….

Just recently, out of interest, I googled around the various Papal Bulls that were issued on the “Jewish Question”. A very intriguing mix they are as well.

A curious mixture of condemning and trying to put an end to holy Christian folk from attacking and killing Jewish people in their communities, to orders stating that Jews should be made to wear special badges marking them out and should not be allowed positions of power in civil office (Pope Honorius the 3rd).

St Pius the 5th however stands high above them all with his “The Jewish Race” bull calling for them to be expelled from Christian communities matching Martin Luther’s “Jews And Their Lies” in its sheer violence of language.

The general position appears to be, be as hateful you want towards them, drive them from pillar to post, refuse to employ them, remind them that they killed Christ and need to repent but killing them still remains sin.

Meanwhile, today, the likes of Scott Lively, Rick Warren, Martin Ssempa in Uganda are all saying that, despite, all using the hateful rhetoric they can dream of to grind down gay people, they oppose the death penalty being mooted in places in Uganda. Hmmmm.

The only real difference being, of course, that whereas the Vatican tried very hard (and failed) to stop the blessed ones putting it about that Jews kidnapped and ate Christian children for Passover, the idea that all gay people kidnap and rape children is being promoted by the churches themselves.

It would be interesting to speculate as to how far “papal infallibility” now extends in cases such as SAINT Pius however. After all if he was speaking the true eternal voice of God on the issue, then his church has fallen into corruption has it not?

Or perhaps this honor now only strictly applies to statements made by recent popes about gay people being objectively disordered?

The eternal word/mind of God is a funny thing like that.

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Thoughts On “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins

September the 18th this year will mark the second anniversary of the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer. It remains a significant date for me as, up until then, this book was one I would have avoided like the plague and argued in the strongest possible terms against. Now, having seen the Christians dancing on his grave, I am not so sure I was right to do so.

I am not going to offer some point by point argument one way or the other regarding the book, just a few random thoughts on things which struck me as interesting.

Firstly, I was fascinated to learn that Science appears to being catching up with Leibniz in proposing a multiverse view of reality. The big difference being that whereas the “choices” as to which sections of which particular potential futures we are faced with simultaneously are left in the hands of God by Leibniz, here it is mere chance governed by the laws of physics. As somebody who has, in the past, been told that many scientists despise philosophy as a discipline, I derive a certain satisfaction from their sudden recovery of Leibniz’s theorems. From what I can gather, from what Dawkins writes on the subject, they even share the same “best of all possible worlds” outlook that Dr Pangloss was espousing in “Candide” even as he was being strung up.

Secondly, I remain unconvinced that the argument derived from and against infinite regression is a sustainable objection to the existence of a divine source. The question “what created the creator?” can quite easily be applied to the production of energy and matter. Where did all that spring from? You are left asking the same questions about both.

Thirdly, I, unlike Dawkins himself it seems, was not too surprised to see his “Selfish Gene” theory becoming a big hit with some corporate executive or other with a taste for social Darwinism. Dawkins writes that he was appalled to discover this but I am not sure how on earth he can be. The problem with the scientific reductionism his outlook seems to want to foster is that it denies that an individual has any value in itself. However absurd one might regard the superstitious materialistic rubbish that passes itself off as spirituality within the organised religious sector as being, the essential idea is that mankind is of value as a thing in itself because it sprang from a divine origin; that there is something precious about an individual AS AN individual rather than as being of value in relation to something else, economic viability for example. If you wish to view mankind as a mere bundle of genes and chromosones then, I think, you stand within the shady grove of dehumanization. An individual’s life is only as valuable as it is useful to some third party and beyond that there should be nothing else, either given or expected. It is little wonder how this kind of mindset finds the idea of voluntary euthanasia appealing. Elderly and terminally ill people represent a drain on the economy as they are not contributing anything and probably couldn’t if they tried to. Why pay out taxpayer’s money on them when a cheap bottle of barbiturates can do the job for a tiny percentage of the cost? I am not saying that this represents Dawkins’ own take on the issue but it is the logical outcome of his position and his associations with the likes of Peter Singer suggests that he has some sympathy for such an outlook.

I mentioned above that one of the things that changed my outlook after the death of Jamey was seeing the religious element dancing on his grave, but I also read a lot of people putting it down to natural selection, that the poor kid was too weak to survive and that nothing of value was lost in the grand evolutionary scale of things. I cannot think of which of the two alternatives I found the more obscene. No attempt on either side to empathize or see why the poor kid did what he did, just judgement. The two sides hitting rock bottom together. It is not therefore a matter of rationality or belief in delusionary invisible boyfriends that is the crux here. It is the lack of a will to engage with the reasons for such a harrowing decision. Both sides, when put to the test, lacked the same components. The religious side remains, to my mind, at greater fault because, in their joys in seeing this kid kill himself and their rejoicing in his burning in hell, they deny the very basis of their own spirituality; they deny that this beautiful little soul had any value in itself, that their God made him the way he was and “God makes no mistakes.” The secularists we can expect nothing better from because they have no measure to make of any individual’s value as an individual and are only left with pure biological determinism.

Of course, it could be argued that the concept of humanity being of some divine value is contingent on the existence of the divine itself which is what is being denied here. But I am reminded of the adage about how even if God does not exist it may be better for humanity as a whole to behave and regard its fellow men in such a way as if he did. The only other alternative is that humanity is simply reduced to the level of an economically useful, though ultimately disposable, cosmic accident. An outlook which could lead to even greater inhumanity than that displayed by the religions it claims to oppose.

Post Jamey Rodemeyer my attitudes to religious people HAVE hardened and I regard the organisations that support them as venal and corrupt. There is nothing that Dawkins says here about religious practice that I disagree with. People who have studied theology and know such things about what Martin Luther had to say about unrepentant Jews or who understand the full vileness of Calvinism, or who are familiar with the revolting nature of the deity revealed in the OT, and yet, as a result, still do not wish to change careers are beyond contempt. The Archbish of Cant recently gave a talk rightly condemning payday loan companies and was then informed that his churches pension funds were tied in to investments made by the Church itself in such companies. The same people who object to “sodomite weddings” getting fat on usury, a far more grievous sin in the eyes of their supposed scriptures. And for these people a beautiful soul killed himself having written “Still wonder why I like Jesus Christ on Facebook”.

Oh Jamey, Jamey, Jamey what have you done to me?

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JUNE 19TH 1867

“It is a notorious fact that, while the tone of the secular press has distinctly improved, while even fervent politicians have learnt to believe that their adversaries may be honest men- while in any case they disdain to attack the private life of their opponents- the professedly “religious” newspapers of this country think no slander too gross, no calumny too foul to be used against their respective adversaries.

The worst of it is that Murphy has become so utterly offensive to people of modest opinion that he cannot get a town hall in which to deliver his lecture. At his very name a discreet mayor in the Midlands Counties takes measures of precaution. And no wonder, when he indulges in blasphemous rant and calls it controversy. He is – we really beg pardon of Mother Carey’s chicken for the comparison- the Stormy Petrel of Protestantism.” Daily Telegraph

“Such men (such as Murphy) promote the spread of the Roman Catholic by engaging the sympathy of the generous for its slandered propagation and allurements.” (Daily Mail)

Peace and quiet restored, small crowds gather here and there. No military presence however. Police are kept busy moving the crowds on through the main streets.Local police patrol their usual beats. The church building is attended by half a dozen policemen. 20 or 30 idlers walk around outside it.

8.PM: The hall is only half to three quarters full for tonight’s lecture. Colonel Brockman is the first to speak:

Brockman: ” Yesterday I spoke to you about my time in Lewes and the thoughts that ran through my mind having seen what I saw there. Tonight I want to speak of my own experience of Popish treachery, which really opened my eyes to the true nature of Popery. Needless to say, by the grace of God, they have not since been shut.

Whilst actively pursuing my military duty I found myself victimized by a Jesuitical Colonel of the regiment I was serving under. The upshot of this was that I found myself undergoing a Court Martial on nine unfounded charges. The Colonel attempted, through perjury, to find me guilty on all nine counts. Thankfully, however, I managed to escape. The Colonel, however, under the visitation by God died under the sword six months later. Let that be a warning unto you all. The priests and the myrmidons of the inquisition are at hand. Beware of those creepy ones – those who creep into our houses and attempt to lead away silly and willing women by their blandishments.

In 1829 a contractor in France whilst laying a foundation for a nunnery building dug up some 800 infant corpses in the grounds of that same building. The spot was not designated a burial ground so how did they get there? Who’s children, indeed, were they? Nobody had access to the nunneries apart from the holy fathers themselves.How was it that so many children died in their infancy? Simple, they were all the children of the nuns and had either been murdered by the nuns themselves or by the holy fathers.They were all guilty of infanticide. These nunneries are halls of infamy!! They should be open to public inspection, and a register of births and deaths should be kept in them. After all workhouses, jails, asylums and other public buildings are subject to open inspection so why should priests claim exemption?

No doubt you have read the nonsense being spouted in today’s “Telegraph” about Mr Murphy. Even the local newspaper “The Daily Post” is being less than accurate in its reporting of what has been said at these meetings.They are reporting all the hard words that are spoken here but are not reproducing the many soft ones as well. I do NOT believe that Romish priests should be governed by Protestant laws, for example, and I would have no objections to visiting a nunnery. If one of their priests were to marry I would gladly sit down with the couple (cheers). It is this selective reporting that has caused the riots and the press are, therefore, guilty of incitement. I fear neither pulpit or press if they are on the side of truth.”

Brockman then reads a letter from a former Catholic supporting the stance of the meetings. Whilst he does so Murphy enters and is greeted by loud cheers.

Hymn: “Just As I Am”

Prayers are then said and the chairman (unnamed in the “Daily Gazette” report I used as source material but possibly Rev. Cattle) stands:

Chairman: “Brethren, the past couple of meetings have been disrupted by interference from Catholic laymen. If Mr Murphy is willing to agree, In wish to request that they refrain from doing so. It is not suited that Mr Murphy is should be addressed by people who are so grossly ignorant of the first principles of religion and who seldom, if ever, study their bibles. Furthermore it is a disgrace to a Protestant to have to engage in debate with anybody less than a priest or bishop.After all it is these devils who keep these people in such ignorance. This notion of Priestly celibacy, for example, where is the scriptural basis for that? We only need look at the first letter of Timothy chapter four to see what the bible says on that issue.

Colonel Brockman has quite rightly accused the press of inciting riots, but the main responsibility for those rests firmly on the shoulders of the authorities for denying Mr Murphy the use of the town hall. It is a shame to all England that the authorities are led by the Jesuitical jugglery of the ritualistic party and are so ready to fall into the embrace of the Harlot of Babylon, that stinkpot of all iniquity and of all abomination on earth.In the face of those terrible enemies Heathenism, Superstition and Infidelity, I ask you, my brethren, to remember the cry of Cromwell, “Trust in God and keep the powder dry.”

Murphy ascends the platform to loud cheers.

Murphy: “I don’t know whether you were aware of the fact that a Mr Mansell has raised a question in the House of Commons about the state of Birmingham today. Mr Gathorne Hardy told him there was no legal way they could stop me giving my lectures, even if they wanted to. I shall shortly be visiting London myself and will be close to the Secretary of State.

Of course, what should have happened on Saturday night was that there should have been an engine with a bucket of water placed outside this building. The police could then have used it to clean the protesters with, or, at least washed their faces for them to make them fit to look upon, as they were as dirty outside as they were inside. I am so glad the working class in this country form the bones and sinews of the land. After all if it wasn’t for them I would probably not be here tonight. If they had a proper leader they would soon put Popery out of the land as they did so well in Park Street.

Tonight I wish to discuss some of the sacraments of the Church of Rome: Baptism, Matrimony and Penance:

The Baptismal ceremony. On meeting the baby and the godfather at the door, the priest breathes three times on the face of the infant being baptized like so (imitates audibly). Sounds like an engine about to start doesn’t it? This is done to drive the devil away and to give the child the Holy Ghost. After having blown the devil out ( or, more likely, blown it in), he blesses some salt and and puts a little into the child’s mouth- for what purpose?- why, to drive the devil away. I thought he’d just blown him out actually, but no, the priest has to salt him out as well. What next? Well,the priest takes some spittle from his own mouth and puts it into the ears and nostrils of the child so as to spit the devil out. (Cries of revulsion from the crowd). But he hasn’t finished yet. He takes a pot of oil and greases the shoulders, waist and forehead of the child to grease the devil out. Finally the child is clad in a white garment and is given a candle to hold to signify that it has received the light of heaven. Is this what you call religion? I tell you, there is no religion in the Church of Rome.

The sacrament of Matrimony I have no problems with except that it is ordained a sacrament necessary for Salvation. After all it makes a complete nonsense of their entire religion. For I say no priest or bishop or pope or monk….

Voice from floor: Or Murphy!!

Murphy:… can be saved.”

General uproar and shouting from the crowd. Cries that the culprit be expelled from the meeting.

Murphy: “No, don’t turn him out. Leave him be.”

Renewed calls for the chairman to intervene. The chairman remains seated.

Murphy: “We read that the Sacraments are necessary for Salvation and, yet, no member of the Church of Rome can be saved according to their own teachings. If ever there was a body of men that require special grace, it’s the priests of Rome. The Bible says its better to marry than to burn. The Pope says:”You need not marry, you can have a concubine.”

Finally I turn to “Penance”. They teach that nobody can enter heaven unless its gates be opened by the priests of the church of Rome, but when we think that “if we confess our sins to God he is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” we want no popish priest of heaven. When young men and women are courting,naturally they kiss each other yet, in this book of sacraments I am using, it is stated that an unfortunate lady fell in love with her page and she kissed him but did not acknowledge that fact in confession.Therefore she is to be seen among the damned in Hell. Now, can you think of the number of times you have kissed your loves? You must have a tremendous logbook against you by now! I do wish Father Pat would tell us the number of times he’s kissed his lover.”

Cries of “That’s up another street” and “There’s no salvation there” from the crowd.

Murphy: “I conclude by echoing the warning given earlier by my two friends. Let us strive to protect women from the confessionals, so that those black beetles of priests won’t get their hands on them. Do not trust them. None but God can forgive sins and only to God do we owe a right to confess. Tomorrow night I shall speak in more detail about this subject but I must ask there be no ladies present as the subject is not suited for delicate ears.”

Colonel Brockman gives a final address to the meeting which closes with singing from the Doxology. There is no civil disturbance that night nor on any further evening during Murphy’s time in Birmingham.

Security is, at first, rigorously maintained but are gradually relaxed. The meetings eventually become little more than a group of people meeting together to sing hymns and to listen to sermons.Like many other church services of the time. Occasional controversy erupts over the content of Murphy’s talks on the Confessional, but it is nothing like what has passed previously.

The tabernacle is eventually taken down and a chapel is opened in Wrottersly Street where Murphy preaches until 1871. That year he receives an invitation to preach in Whitehaven which he accepts. The rest is written on his tombstone in Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham.

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