From John Evelyn’s Diary

” August 1st 1672: I was at the marriage of Lord Arlington’s onely daughter (a swete child if ever there was any) to the Duke of Grafton, the King’s natural son by the Dutchesse of Cleaveland. The Archbishop of Canterbury officiating, the king and all the grandees being present. I had a favour given me by my Lady, but tooke no great joy at the thing for many reasons.”

A seemingly harmless entry. That is until you google up on it and discover that the bride here was only 4 or 5 and the groom 9 years old. Of course dynastic marriages like this were fairly common, but it bodes ill for the concept of there being some kind of eternal law that God has decreed for all time.

It also makes the current archbish’s opposition to same sex marriage even less tenable. A church that used to marry children incapable of understanding their situation is in no fit state to object to the marriage of rational adults only too aware of what it demands of them.

It would be interesting to know just how many other such weddings the man in the sky gave his blessing to.


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