Where The Western Faiths Have Got It Wrong…

It is not “sin” that prevents direct communion with the divine, merely ego. That is the only real barrier. What is more, it does not require a talking snake in a magical garden to demonstrate this simple fact.

It is ego that feeds sectarianism, it is ego that declares such and such a thing to be God’s will, it is ego that seeks incorruptible perfect authority in unlikely objects (Scriptures, Popes etc).

The desire for an afterlife is rooted in the ego, the part which deals with self-preservation. The idea that there is some being in the sky that considers some people more important and blessed than others is also ego. To posit such a being in a universe we can only observe through a telescope is the height of egocentrical arrogance. We cannot and do not know the number of planets there are out there and yet we pride ourselves on having some form of communion with the being that supposedly created it. We know exactly how this being operates, what its opinions are etc etc. This is all nothing but ego projection. Casting ones own psychological needs out among the stars.

It is this ego that leads to Catholic Bishops in Uganda into praising God for the efforts of those who are keeping Uganda gay free. It is the same ego that leads the same bishop to call upon the families of gay kids to hand them into the authorities as part of his Easter message. One ego calling to the others in fact, as he uses the promise of a blessed after life to goad them into this atrocity. The divine, who remains silent on genocides, famines, wars, church investments in usury and arms manufacturers, remains silent on the issue of gay and straight people. He causes the sun to shine on both equally, it is only human ego that argues differently.

I feel for every gay kid who has the dreadful misfortune to be born among such egotists. I await the day of when these vile, evil ego filled bullies are given a taste of their own medicine. It won’t be long now, I’m sure. They are already starting to squeal “persecution” in some quarters. Despite the fact that no laws have actually been passed against these people, no attempts are made to cure these shallow egotists of their intellectual arrogance.

“Do as you would be done by” is the golden rule. It is only ego that prevents it from being observed.


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