Sodomy In The UK

Well, the gay marriage issue has been and gone here. The world has continued to spin. There have been no earthquakes to speak of, no classic signs of the wrath of the almighty that made itself so clearly palpable to the architects of Buchenwald et al. You missed that? Funnily enough, so did I.

For me I welcomed it with open arms, though I, myself, am far too old for such things now. The only thing I tend to attract these days is flies . Flies and Vultures.

I realize it won’t change anything much. Kids will still be beaten up, same sex couples will still be attacked verbally in the streets , churches will still wave boxes of condoms around whilst ranting about unnatural sex etc etc.

I just hope that the legal under girding will offer any gay kid born from this moment onwards a better light to navigate by. Something to aim for , the same rite of passage as their heterosexual peers.

But I also shed some tears, not least for Jamey Rodemeyer the brave little soldier who never lived to see this day. It is amazing how far the world has come in the nearly three years he’s been gone now. The number of US states who now recognized it has doubled since he posted his videos and stated his case so movingly. Part of me wishes he was here to see it all. But another part of me wonders how much his death has impacted on the decisions in favor. Would the same thing have happened were he not to have died the way he did? I’m not sure it would have done.

But I am glad to report that, despite the threats of hellfire and damnation descending upon the country as a result of our decision, a beautiful full moon hangs silent and still on the far distant horizon, just above the trees. Which is how it should be.


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