Ahhh!! We’ve Been Here Before Then….

Just recently, out of interest, I googled around the various Papal Bulls that were issued on the “Jewish Question”. A very intriguing mix they are as well.

A curious mixture of condemning and trying to put an end to holy Christian folk from attacking and killing Jewish people in their communities, to orders stating that Jews should be made to wear special badges marking them out and should not be allowed positions of power in civil office (Pope Honorius the 3rd).

St Pius the 5th however stands high above them all with his “The Jewish Race” bull calling for them to be expelled from Christian communities matching Martin Luther’s “Jews And Their Lies” in its sheer violence of language.

The general position appears to be, be as hateful you want towards them, drive them from pillar to post, refuse to employ them, remind them that they killed Christ and need to repent but killing them still remains sin.

Meanwhile, today, the likes of Scott Lively, Rick Warren, Martin Ssempa in Uganda are all saying that, despite, all using the hateful rhetoric they can dream of to grind down gay people, they oppose the death penalty being mooted in places in Uganda. Hmmmm.

The only real difference being, of course, that whereas the Vatican tried very hard (and failed) to stop the blessed ones putting it about that Jews kidnapped and ate Christian children for Passover, the idea that all gay people kidnap and rape children is being promoted by the churches themselves.

It would be interesting to speculate as to how far “papal infallibility” now extends in cases such as SAINT Pius however. After all if he was speaking the true eternal voice of God on the issue, then his church has fallen into corruption has it not?

Or perhaps this honor now only strictly applies to statements made by recent popes about gay people being objectively disordered?

The eternal word/mind of God is a funny thing like that.


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