Bishop Charles Gore On The 1930 Lambeth Conference Artificial Contraception Decision

A while ago I published links to two decisions taken by the Lambeth Conference in regards to the question of artificial contraception. The first upholding the traditional viewpoint that it was a sin that needed to be discouraged and the second making allowances for it.

Shortly after the 1930 decision Bishop Charles Gore published this essay opposing the move. I guess a part of his objection would have been rooted in his Anglo-Catholic/Tractarian outlook, but, intriguingly he also points out that such a move was condemned at Lambeth as late as 1921.

Furthermore, if you read his comments through and swap the words “Artificial Contraception” for “Gay Marriage” you will see just how little things have changed in the kind of arguments being made.

By all accounts, Gore was a much loved and respected figure in the church who did a lot for the poor people of Birmingham as a Bishop.

Those who hold that God’s word and laws are not subject to historical change would do well to ponder on what this means.


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