This Blog Welcomes Pope Frank The Oneth

I note with some alacrity that he is, apparently, a “modernist”. I do hope that does not mean he’s going to do something stupid. Such as concede that Isaac Newton may have a point about gravity.

That would be the last straw for quite a few people, myself included.
O.K I want to backtrack on the above a little. The more I see of Pope Francis the more I actually like and respect him as a human being. Which is, from the numerous decisions he has taken to date like avoiding the pomposity and pageantry normally associated with the role, exactly how he seems to want to be regarded.

I’ve even heard that he put in a word for civil partnerships at one stage which is a pretty extraordinary thing coming from such a source.

It seems the Catholic Church has actually elected a true Christian this time (as opposed to the jaded Platonists they usually do). He certainly seems to be a very beautiful soul. Shame that he is trapped within such a rotting corpse as the Church though.


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