Why This Battle Needs To Be Won….




Over the past year I have seen quite a few deaths among old friends and family. Even the one I loved so one-sidedly for so many years. Yet, for some strange reason, the loss of this American kid who I never even met still reduces me to tears and hurts me so deeply whenever I hear his name.

Even more so now that so much of what he campaigned for and spoke out in favour of so bravely is coming to pass. If only he could have held on that much longer and seen the changes that have happened since that bleak September night.

“Still wondering why I like “Jesus Christ” on Facebook”.

That simple sentence says so much. How dare the Evangelical Alliance posture and preen about their “Christianity”.

One day, little fella, you and I will stand side by side watching the “righteous ones” burn in everlasting torment for what they did to you and our shared brethren. I promise you that.


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