“Orthodoxy?” That’s Very Ould Hat

Meet the Reverend Peter Ould:

Staunch defender of the bastion of Christian Orthodoxy against the battering waves of satanic liberalism, gallant crusader on behalf of teas on the lawn and cloistered Cricket on the hearth. Well, he tries to be. Gord bless ‘im.

But one is left wondering what kind of “orthodoxy” he preaches when half of his mental baggage stems from past liberal triumphs over orthodoxy. On issues such as artificial birth control and family planning he is siding with those who opposed the furore caused by Marie Stopes’ “Married Love”, a position which appears to wholly divorce itself from the then orthodox  Church Father derived position shared by both Anglican and Roman churches regarding celibacy or procreation being the only two non sinful alternatives. So, on the one hand, he is pretending to represent a fundamental and “not to be argued with unless you wish to face a heresy trial” Christian position and, on the other, he betrays the fact that he thinks those demonically possessed Liberals may actually have a point or two.

A masterpiece of constructing an utterly false opposition out of two seemingly fictional stances.

My own brief skirmish with him (ending with my being banned as is usual in such circumstances) consisted of my asserting what the Church Fathers held to be conducive with the Christian faith (you don’t get much more orthodox than that) in regards to all non-procreational sex being wrong and not just gay sex and his denying it in favor of condoning condom use and talking in terms of family planning. The kind of talk the Church Fathers would probably have burned him for.

The irony seems lost on the poor dear.

If you are going to try and set yourself up as some kind of bastion of orthodoxy, dear, at least actually do try and read up on the subject first. Or just admit that the evil Liberals have made your life that much easier for you through the centuries and come down off your high horse, before it lets out an extremely loud fart as in the Sufi tale.


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