T’is settled then….

The gay marriage law in the UK will legally exclude the established churches like the C of E from performing them. The Quakers and the Unitarians, on the other, who are more than happy to perform such unions, are being granted the legislative power to do so. This is fantastic news.

It seems it could also lead to not only a church/state split but also prove an opt out clause for those in the established church who have no issues with accepting gay people as human beings rather than stereotypical constructs. I should hope to see Quaker and Unitarian meeting places taking the place of the official charade (which will simply become home to a bunch of tambourine waving sectarian Platonists) over the next few years.

It also means that, no longer, will I have to deal with these sad bigoted fools and vice versa, which is a most mutually suitable and satisfying set up.

In choosing to appoint a man who’s path has been more secular than holy as Archbish of Cant and, yet again, shooting down women Bishops, the official church has lost the right to pretend to be acting on behalf of a young low born self-abnegating hermit who wandered around the holy land many centuries ago saying things like “treat others as they would treat you.”

Reclaiming Christ from “Christ”ianity will be a very noble cause.


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