“More Bonuses, Vicar?” “Thank You, That Would Be Simply Scrumptious.”


So the old bird has done it. The good old Church of England has formally declared its own redundancy. A former Oil Executive who “found Christ” at university and who then went on to amass a nice little secular fortune in the outside world has now been elected Archbish of Cant.

Christ turned away the wealthy man because he could not detach himself from his worldly possessions, the church embraces him to its bosom whilst preaching the “Word of God” against gay marriage. There is nothing new in this, of course,(Philemon was a wealthy slave owner who St Paul regarded as a christian brother after all) but it good to see the mainstream church over here showing that even the pursuit of secular materialism (as long as it is accompanied with some tambourine shaking and a lot of vacuous cliches) is no barrier to God’s holy kingdom.

Mr Welby opposes gay marriage. Of course he does. It’s what he’s being paid for after all. That and trying to convince us that all the evils of the world were started by a talking snake in a garden a little while back. The odds of his succeeding in either activity seem to grow weaker by the day.

Nothing personal against Justin Welby. I’m sure he’s a nice person like all the others of his ilk profess to be. But if you want further proof of how far away from the nature of Christ’s own anti-materialist outlook his supposed representatives are you need look no further.

His forked tongue statement about not approving gay marriage yet not wanting the church to have any truck with homophobia is about as convincing as a Klansman declaring that supporting racial segregation doesn’t mean his outfit hates black people.

Still I am pleased that my earlier prediction about the appointment being an evangelical proved right.

In the end, however, it makes no difference. With gay marriage on the cards in so many countries now, the church can either choose to adapt or perish. It has chosen to perish. Slowly and painfully.

“I built my house on steam

I’m living in a dream

When I get the chance

I prance and dance

And wave my tambourine.”


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