Good News

I was delighted to learn that Alyssa Rodemeyer (sister of Jamey) and her long time girlfriend have got engaged. Since I learned of her brother’s story I have been keeping a benevolent eye on her via her Tumblr account and I know she has been through a hell of a lot this past year or so. Jamey’s videos and thinking about what we have lost still rip me apart even though I never knew him so God knows what it has been like for her.

She has also decided to finish with both Tumblr and Facebook and retreat from the public domain for a while which I think is a very wise move. I felt that the steely public face she showed the world may have been a great support and encouragement to others (like her precious brother’s videos) but I also felt it was delaying her own grieving process and her own thoughts and pain were not being dealt with.

I shall miss her sense of humor but I wish both her and her wife-to-be well. My one abiding regret is that I will never get the chance to wish her brother the same. However I feel pretty sure that Jamey is both proud of and excited by what his sister has been doing in his memory and that somewhere in the unknown realms he, too, has found happiness.

Which is the very least I could wish for the dear little mite.


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