The Parable Of The Good Samaritan

A man was walking through a town when he was set upon, beaten and left for dead by a gang of robbers.

It came to pass that a Catholic Priest passed that way. He saw the man lying there but he was too busy. He was due to be buggering his way through……er sorry….. SUPERVISING a local under 11s Cricket team.

An Anglican priest also passed that way. He saw the man, but he was also too busy. He had a very important flower arrangement rota to sort out and then it was off to a “Praise and Worship” seminar.

A gay couple also passed that way.They saw the man, took pity on him. They called an ambulance and made sure he was in hospital and the man awoke to find all his costs had been paid for him. Now who do you think acted in accordance with the will of God?

That’s right. The first two. They may have been imperfect in their actions here but thanks to the loving grace of God, they are set right by their faith in Jesus. Wheras the sodomites in the story will burn forever in the great lake of fire and boiling sulphur will pour forth from their eyes and they will face perpetual disembowelment by demons and they shall cry out to God for mercy but mercy will there be none.

Which is nice.


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