For All Those Gay Teens Out There Being Bullied By The Religious…..(1)

If you have patience with this, you will find much of interest here. In particular the references to “conjugal purity”. You see the early church held that ALL forms of non-procreative sex were sin. It was part of the Greek inheritance based around the teleology of Aristotle. Basically an eye was intended by God to see and the genitals were intended for procreation. All other unions other than that were condemned as the products of lustful degradation. Celibacy or procreation were the only alternatives open to Christians. For some reason our heterosexual brethren seem to think otherwise. Could it be pure self interest that has led to them discounting this fairly rudimentary part of the Christian doctrine?

There is no truth to the rumor that only gay people are damned to hell, so are those (according to those who edited the bible, and laid the churches foundations) who engage in non-procreative sexual activity. Anybody who preaches otherwise is not only damned for unnatural sex but for heresy as well.

You have nothing to fear from the bigots. It is they who will burn for eternity for their lusts, their deceits and their heresy. Wish them a happy afterlife and then go off and laugh yourself silly.


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