Meanwhile On Mount Sinai (Excerpt From Fuller, Sadly Lost Sketch c 1986)

Grams: Wind blowing. Slow footsteps almost staggering. Heavy breathing.


Moses: Oh most holy and blessed Lord, thy servant awaits your will.

Pause. Wind Blowing.

Moses: Almighty God, thy servant Moses who thou hast summoned awaits thee here.

Pause. Wind blowing.

Moses: Oh Lord, listen to thy servants cries.

Grams: Crack of thunder.

God (Booming voice) Alright, alright, I’m here already. You think I can be in two places at once? My life!! So what you want? You wanna miracle? I got plenty miracles. You wanna see a miracle?

Moses: Well, Lord I….

God: Watch that bush over there.

Moses: But Lord I….

Grams: Ktack Blowwm!! Crackling fire.

God: Pretty good miracle eh? Yours for two sheep and a goat. Can’t go any lower without mugging myself.

Moses: But Lord I….

God: Not quite what your looking for? Hold your stick out!!

Moses: But….but….

God: Hold your stick out!!

Grams: Ktack Blowwm!!! (Pause) Ktack Blowwm!!!

Moses: But Lord I..

God: Shut up I’ll get it right in a minute!!

Grams: Ktack Blowmmm!!! (Pause) Ktack Blowmmm!!!

God: That’s odd, it worked for the Hittites. Never mind. Now then, Moses Schmoses my good man, what can I do for you?

The only other noteworthy joke I can recall from this sketch is God saying something to the effect of “Manna? Manna? You think I’m made of Manna? You think it maybe grows on trees?”

I was getting to the end of my association with the Christian Youth Group I attended by this stage. I read it through to one of the leaders with a sense of humor and he said it was hardly reverent but not exactly blasphemous. I felt pleased at being able to walk that tightrope.


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