Anyone For Canterbury?

It seems the top job at the the C of E is up for grabs now that the current incumbent, Rowan Williams, has announced his resignation. Speculation thrives as to who the next person to hold the reins will be.

If I think back to the 1980’s when we had a similar set of circumstances ( a Conservative Government, a “liberal” Archbishop (Ronald Runcie) being replaced by an Evangelical (George Carey)), I don’t think it is too hard to speculate from which direction the next incumbent will come.

Indeed a comment in the papers today pretty much settles it: “Whoever wants the job after Rowan Williams would have to be stark raving mad.”

Expect an Evangelical. Well suiting that particular criteria as it would.

It is an extraordinary sight to see the Church of England opposing a Conservative Government on Gay Marriage… arguing AGAINST it. I mean, come on Mr Williams, this surely isn’t where you should be.

I must confess too, to being rather bemused by all these tory apologists saying “actually gay marriage is a Conservative value” in the national press. This from the party that bought in Section 28 and banned blood transfusions for ALL gay people on the grounds that they ALL had AIDS.

I don’t buy the blather but, it’s the right decision that is being made and one should be grateful that a long injustice is being put an end to at last.


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