Never Forget This….

“Livin’ ain’t easy
When your out on your own.
Without a shoulder to cry on,
When your out in the cold.
Mmm Ya gotta fight back,
Gotta stand on your own two feet
And show the world (show the world)
You can’t be beat.

Don’t feel lonely
Don’t feel lonely
Don’t feel lonely
(Chris Hopkin/Alan Page) c.1981

Or even: “If you want to be a twat, buy a pixie hat” as I was reminded the other day when I felt like jacking it all in altogether.

The above was a song written by one of my oldest friends when we had formed a comedy punk band called “The Doobries”. It was the only serious song, largely because he wrote it. I added the chorus to it. We were probably about 15 at the time.

There were tapes made of the songs but they have long since vanished and all that remains are bits of script and lyrics.

This remains, for me, the best of them. It’s a shame Chris can’t seem to remember the chords to it anymore though.


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