They Shook Their Bibles….

They shook their bibles at the Jews and told them they were guilty of Deicide, put it about that they kidnapped and ate Christian children for Passover (right up until 1920) and called on them to repent. Martin Luther, full of the holy spirit, declared all unrepentant Jews were to be cast out of Christian communities, their houses and synagogues burned to the ground and any rabbi caught teaching was to be executed.

They shook their Bibles at the Catholics, told them they were servants of the Antichrist incarnate. In England they made it a criminal offence to practice Catholic worship and repentance on pain of torture and death was the prevailing ethos. In Ireland the Protestant minority lorded it over the Catholic majority and ground them down into the mud because they wouldn’t repent. They also waved their bibles at the Catholic Emancipation Act but did not prevent it taking place.

They shook their bibles at the Black African. They told him he was made black skinned by the “curse of Ham” and that his natural place in the world was to act as a slave to the other, superior, races. They erected a slave trade based on the Old Testament and shook their bibles in support of it. They claim they were instrumental in its eventual abolition but, in point of fact , it was only a tiny minority. Bibles were shaken at them too and they were told they were demonically possessed and going against God.

Now they shake their bibles at gay people, telling them they are damned to Hell, that they rape children (instead of kidnapping and eating them, I guess) and are all lust crazed psychopaths. In return, I recount here the numerous times in the past they shook their bibles and were roundly defeated.

Shake away with your bibles. It didn’t help you in the past and it won’t again now. Perhaps, however, you should first meditate on:

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control” Galatians 5:22

Boy, do I feel better for having got that little lot off my chest!!!


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