For Any Potential Gay Teen Suicides Out There…


Seriously though guys, you won’t achieve anything by it. That beautiful soul Jamey Rodemeyer’s videos are still being spammed abusively and the world is just too lacking in people with big hearts and beautiful eyes right now anyway.

Let’s just go through a few facts about comparative evil here shall we?

Was it gay people who declared that all Jews were guilty of “Deicide” and spent years persecuting them on those grounds? No, it was Christians.

Was it gay people who put it about that Jews kidnapped Christian children and ate them, a rumor that became so widespread that a papal bull had to be issued denying the charge vehemently? No, it was Christians.

Was it Oscar Wilde who wrote “Set fire to their Synagogues or Schools and bury and cover over with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man may see a stone or cinder of them again. This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing and blaspheming of his son and of his Christians”? Er….no, it was Martin Luther who in his “Jews and their Lies” (1543) also advocated leveling the houses of Jews and proposed Capital Punishment for any Rabbis caught preaching. Luther also managed to clear quite a few German towns of Jews in a way that any member of the third Reich would have envied.

Was it gay people who declared all black people to be under the curse of Ham and justified centuries of black slavery on those grounds? No, it was Christians again.

So let’s get this one thing straight here, is God gonna burn yo ass for loving a member of your own sex or is he gonna burn the asses of those who bully and persecute you in his name? Who has committed the bigger sins?

Guys, we have a whole history of creativity and imagination to be proud of and you are all a valuable part of that. Every single one of you fellas out there has something to be proud of. Use it, don’t lose it. It is hard, I know, when it seems you are surrounded by nothing but negative stereotypes being projected onto you by morons who make it the one single defining factor of their knowledge of you. But never forget you are a part of a universal brotherhood who share a common fate. You are not as alone as you think guys and soon you will rise above the chimps and see them for what they are.

If you throw away your life because of these bastards, you are telling them they are right to carry on in that way. You are more valuable than that. One day you will stand on a mountainside and stick your middle finger up at them as they slouch around. Don’t deprive us all of the joy of celebrating your victory with you. It is a matter of great pain to me that I will never see either Jamey Rodemeyer or Jamie Hubley do that. Don’t fall into the trap. It ain’t worth it guys. Look at all the pain and grief it has caused their families and friends, the ones who really loved them. Believe me, guys, there are people out there who feel the same way about you and would miss you dreadfully and be totally devastated if you handed in the towel and gave in to the bastards.

Yes, it hurts to be alone in a world which runs on different tracks to yours, which piles more and more onto your shoulders then laughs when you fall over as a result. But think, we are changing it gradually. Even Cliff Richard now thinks Gay Marriage is viable and it is a sign of just how far we have come that he now has that opinion. Don’t miss out on the reception guys, it’s gonna be a doozy.

As for the religious bigots? Who needs their opinions? As I have noted above, their sins are far blacker than any we may commit. Our sins we commit in the name of love and no self respecting deity is going to hold that against us and expect to be taken seriously. Besides the idea that God would knowingly create people like us in order to torture our psyches for the whole of our lives and then burn us in hell should we not submit to this torture is not a God I would either consider to be loving or deserving of respect let alone service.

Guys, hold your heads up. Be proud and PLEASE don’t make me have to go and buy anymore f–king candles. O.k?


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