Snappy One Liners

Interfaith eucharist- “shared blasphemy”? Or the collective surrendering of the human ego to the ultimate transcendency of the divine?

An agnostic is probably far closer to the divine than the believer because they have never ceased to search, look and discover.

“You probably consider yourself a believer, even if your belief is in atheism. The true test of your belief, however, is your ability to accept that your belief could be mistaken. Else your belief is nought but a variety of prejudice conditioned by your surroundings.” Sufi teaching.

You can hold to the belief that the bible is inerrant, perfect and literally the word of God if you wish. Or you can actually read and study it properly.

For every chartered accountant who has his toothache cured at an evangelical meeting, there are probably at least a hundred starving Africans. Funny that.

Ok, I lied about the snappy.


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