Sonata in D Major (1982) 1st Movement Part One.

From my last piece to another of my early works. The Sonata was composed when I was 16 going on 17 and was intended as a portrayal of a conflict between faith and despair. The original idea was that the first subject here represented the feelings of negation whilst the second subject provided a more consolatory, devotional alternative.

In terms of structure, the Sonata was composed to (what I still think is) an original template. The first and last movements comprise the Sonata form with the two central movements acting as interludes. There is, therefore, no standard recapitulation with this movement, it simply retreats into itself leaving a lot of questions unanswered.

I found this work by accident whilst clearing up in the attic and I played it through and was amazed at how well it stood up, despite its stylistic immaturity. Even with the passage of time I am still deeply moved by the final section of this movement written long ago by an introspective schoolboy trying hard to make sense of the world he had been dumped in.


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