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“There is as much shame in loving money as there is honour in loving a man worthy of love. No one doubts, provided he has ever loved anything at all, that the lover takes himself from himself and gives himself to the beloved. Money, on the contrary, can take possession of the man who loves it but can give nothing back. Hence such a lover possesses neither money nor himself. However, he who loves a man who returns his love, in so far as in loving he gives himself to the other, so far does he receive himself whilst being loved in return. Indeed to speak more precisley, he receives double measure, for this reason: he who has given one soul receives two. Further, just as it is clearly honourable and profitable to care for a man worthy of friendship, so it is necessary and blessed to love God, the first source of love and beauty, without whose splendour nothing can be loved.” Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 3.

A lot could be learned from that particular passage, methinks.


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