Hello World (and those parts of Surrey that want to be seen as seperate.)

If, by chance, a Coot you meet

Please don’t comment on its feet.

“Outsized”, “odd” and other such words can

Cause offence to these poor birds.

T’is not their fault the wily fates have

Landed them with grotesque plates.

Or indeed that, in floating, these poor flappers

Are obliged to paddle like the clappers.

Do bear in mind the “what the f–ks?”

They tend to get from Mallard Ducks, who

Though being themselves mere piscean plebs are

Justly proud of their well-wrought webs.

So why a blog? Isn’t Facebook and an email address enough already? Well, probably yes but who knows? This may be the only post I ever make on here. An erupting supernova in cyberspace which may give birth to stars or it may simply fade back into the darkness and silence from which it arose.

Some background? A booklist:


My specialist subject:


My current interest:


Although I am, technically, a “music scholar” I will not be filling this page with endless articles about what a great genius Mozart was, or, indeed, on the use of Phrygian cadences in Bongolian noseflute chorales.There is plenty of that kind of stuff elsewhere and this particular little burst of egolight has very little to add on such mainstream topics and would rather plough its own furrow.

At the moment, for example, I am reading the collected letters of the Christian/Neoplatonist Marsilio Ficino and you can’t get much further away from Mozart than that. Or indeed humanity in general, which is, quite often, a blessing. But that’s an entirely different post.


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